Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY t-shirt designs

Do you have a favorite quote that you wanted on a shirt that you could wear?

Well easier done than said lol

I grabbed a 20pack of puffy paint for $15 at Walmart and have every color I could think of including glitter!!!

So far I have only made one shirt and once it finishes drying I will cut it up into a tank

I will put more up as I make them :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY cover up

I have seen this cover up all over and really every one should make one because it is super easy to do and looks great for a trip to the pool or the beach :)

I bought white jersey knit fabric for another dress I am making and decided to use that. This material is good because it is stretchy and slinky and perfect for the draping effect when you wrap it around.

You can use 1 yard which would cover the length of the dress. I trimmed a few inches because I am really short and I used it to braid the straps for the dress.

The length is 3 ft, 36 inches and width to this particular fabric was 56"

SUPER EASY to measure because all you have to do is wrap the material around you :)

After finishing the edges I attached the braided straps at each corner
Both straps attached
I pinned the bottom of the strap so I could try it on and adjust accordingly

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DIY beach towel/bag

This is the perfect DIY for summer!

You can take a large beach towel and make it into a tote to carry your sunscreen, phone, keys and once you get to the beach or pool you can turn it into a towel!

This is super easy...give it a try...if you have any questions let me know and I will be glad to answer them!
I used another towel of mine to measure and trimmed away
the two strips on the side will be used for the straps and the bottom for the bag
cut the bottom piece in half
pin together, adjust how  big you want your bag and sew
center the bag, pin, and sew

fold strip in half and sew
turn inside out
sew straps onto the inside of the bag
this is what it should look like

fold one side
and the other side
fold up
all the way
flip inside out and ta-daaa!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

DIY wire bracelet

I found this wire at Walmart in different colors for $1 and thought it would be perfect for a bracelet.

The wire is pretty easy to bend but you can make the bracelet much easier with pliers

rose gold wire

twist the wire just like you would write in cursive

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to install feathers

You can buy the hook and beads at any beauty supply store...I bought mine from Sally's.

What you'll need:
Extension beads

first part and clip away hair where you want the feathers placed
pull away a small bunch of hair
place the bead on the hook

place the hook around the strand of hair and close it
pull the hair through the bead and all the way down
insert the feathers into the bead

pinch down the bead with the pliers

hair feathers

I am completely obsessed with the feather hair extensions and have a ton of them placed all over my locks. I love them not only because they add a pop of color and an urban feel but they also can be curled, straightened, and last up to 6 months! I switch them from time to time but seriously I love them!

I get my feathers from fine Featherheads and you can check out their Facebook to find if there are any salons near you that offer them or you can order online

Here are a few pics of me rockin the feathers :)

Monday, July 9, 2012


So I saw a friend make a cool picture with sparklers and thought I would give it a try...

All I did what made the shape of the letter I wanted and put it on the slowest can also have multiple people in the picture and each of you do a different letter!

It took a few tries but I got it how I wanted :)

how do you think they turned out?

recycling old clothes

I found this old shirt that doesn't fit anymore with crocheted flowers and thought I could use it for the top of a dress.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

hole in the wall

So when I was giving my room a makeover there was one little problem with my walls...
My ex boyfriend actually punched a hole in my wall which probably gives you an idea why he is an ex. I never fixed the hole and thought I can just use a picture frame to cover it up. I wanted to paint it with the chalkboard paint too just to add more to the whole chalkboard theme in my room as well!
I got lucky when I went to goodwill and found a chalkboard that was perfect...there was only one problem. It was leopard print with tribal animals in the cut outs. That was definitely not going to go with my black, white, and pink damask bed room.

So I decided to paint over it! It took a few coats of the pink paint to get it solid and I let it dry over night. In the cut outs I decided to use the left over damask scrapbook paper that I had. I think it turned out great and goes very well with my room and you would never know that I re-vamped this chalkboard if I didn't tell you!

The best thing is it covers the hole in my wall!

the hole in my wall
what the chalkboard looked like before
the chalkboard with paint and scrapbook paper :)
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