about Jayne

Do you ever go shopping and see a super cute shirt but then look at the price tag and it's $25...for a tank top?...r u kidding me? I can make that!! Believe me...it happens all the time and that is exactly what I am going to do!

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a fashion designer instead of a princess because both of my parents worked in the fashion industry. I would get picked up from school and instead of going home to play I would go in the back of the tailor shop learning how to sew. I was six years old when I made my first piece of clothing. It was a mismatched, patched vest made from the scraps of the different pants that were being hemmed. I was so proud of myself that I made something that I could actually wear instead of hanging it on the wall with the rest of the pictures. After I started college I would help my father out in his dry cleaners/custom tailor shop after school and during the summer for some extra cash. The best thing about the job was when I wasn't busy I had all the best sewing machines and supplies I needed to make my fabulous designs! Since then I have been buried in my books and too busy with work and school but I still have that passion for fashion as I have always had being extremely crafty and into the latest trends. But let me tell you on a Nursing student budget I do not have the extra cash to spend on fancy threads. So why not make them yourself?

On my blog I will share with you what inspires me, my thoughts, some DIY adventures, and things that I have made with love <3 I hope you enjoy :)

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