Sunday, June 22, 2014

DIY Bridal Shower

So a friend of mine is getting married and I am more than happy to add my touch of creativeness to decorate! 

She wanted a wine theme so I thought that burlap, corks, and of course wine bottles would be the perfect touches!

Her new last name begins with an S so we took olds corks and cut them in half to not use as much and to fill in the spaces! The letter was $5 and the corks were saved from before. You can also buy a package of corks at a local party store.

The burlap came in a roll that was $10 and was well enough to last and have extra instead of buying material. It also came in the perfect shape for the banner I planned on making!

I used white acrylic paint and a paint brush for the letters. You can also buy stencils if you do not feel comfortable painting them yourself.

The banner pictures! 

This was a canvas also purchased at michaels that I used a black paint marker to write wishes for the bride and groom!

This small easel chalk board is from Michaels as well and I just wrote a little quote with a chalk market!

The wine bottles were a very nice touch for a case with pretty flowers inside.

I also used the chalk markers to write the different types of cheese on the platters! You can't drink wine without cheese!

The final product! It is not only a good decoration for the bridal party but something she can save for years to come!

The final product of the banner! 

Here are pictures of the final bridal shower outcome!

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