Friday, December 27, 2013

Breaking Bad DIY cutting board

My boyfriend is a big fan of breaking bad so I thought I could make him something for Christmas. I saw a cutting board with Walter White on the front that said "let's cook" and thought it would be something he would like and would look cute hanging in the kitchen! I saw a cutting board online for $40 plus shipping and handling. That's where my DIY comes in! 

This project takes about an hour and the total cost was $6.00 for the cutting board and other household supplies.

What you need:
Cutting board
Marker color of choice (I used brown)

First what I did was sketch the drawing on a piece of paper just to be sure if I had to make any changes I didn't have to keep erasing on the cutting board it self.

You can choose to draw anything you want on the cutting board and make your own design as well.

Once you are finished with your drawing position it on the cutting board where you would like it to lay and tape the piece of paper on the board to hold it in place for tracing.

What you do next is use your pen to trace the lines that you have drawn. By pressing down with the pen you will notice an indent in the wood making for an easy transfer.

Once  you have finished your tracing you can use the marker to outline the picture and then fill it in! That's all there is to it and now you have a nice piece of custom artwork to hang in the kitchen! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY nail polish rack

So I have a tonnnn if nail polish that is separated into two different cases. I wanted to purchase a nail rack to set them up on but come to find out they run $40 average so why not do it yourself and save some cash! 

I purchased a 12 piece of 1x2 steaks for $3.50
I only needed 5 pieces per shelf and I made two shelves :)

I also had a piece of scrap wood that was 1x4ft and had it cut in half for both shelves 2ft long for the back piece p
I screwed/hammered in each shelf as shown in the picture 
Once finished with the shelves you are free to decorate as you wish!! Here is a picture of the shelf before I start painting.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

summer nail art

Here are a few of the nail designs that have been my favorite this summer! Most of them I use either the nail art pen or a toothpick! Let me know if you like a certain design and I can make a tutorial!

Tribal: used with black nail art pen4th of July nails 
Floral nails

Saturday, July 6, 2013

DIY photo booth

Sooo my best friend just got engaged and the theme for her engagement party was glitz and glamour! The perfect opportunity for a photo booth! But instead of paying $350.00 for an actual booth we made it ourselves! Saved a ton if money, super fun to make and definitely a big hit at the party!

What you'll need:
•1 poster board 
•Pack of foam
•Popsicle sticks 
•Craft glue

First thing we did was cut out a square in the middle of the poster board to make it look like a Polaroid picture. You can decorate the Polaroid how you like or get creative and make other shapes and designs! We decided to write at the bottom their names and then decorated with glitter spray.

Second thing we did was draw different shapes that we wanted to use for the props for the photo booth. You can buy the foam paper at any Walmart or craft store in any colors you like and they even have glitter too! 

The shapes we cut out went with our theme with a variety of mustaches, glasses, pearl necklaces, neck ties, hats, champagne glasses and word bubbles. Once you are finished cutting the shapes out you just need to glue the Popsicle stuck onto the end and they are ready to go! 

We glued small pieces of wood to the other side so the guests could hold the Polaroid in front of them but you can also hang it from the ceiling if you wish! 

This would even be a fun project for all the bridesmaids and bride get together to make the props and have a few glasses of wine! 

Hope you liked this DIY! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Headband stand :)

So I have a ton of headbands and wanted to have a stand to put them all together. So I found a quick and easy way to store them and add the cute factor. This is a no see project and takes about 5minutes!! Enjoy!!

What you need:
paper towel roll
& of course headbands ;)

The first things you do is place your paper towel roll on top of the fabric and cut it to size....make sure you have it wide enough to stuff the ends.

Fold one side about an inch fabric side down (as shown in the picture).

Wrap the fabric all the way around and secure the middle with a pin. I used about four pins for the whole length of the towel.

The last step is to stuff the excess fabric into the paper towel roll and give your headbands a new home!

I had an extra strip of fabric that I folded over and decide to hang the bows and flowers for my hair!!

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