Monday, March 11, 2013

Headband stand :)

So I have a ton of headbands and wanted to have a stand to put them all together. So I found a quick and easy way to store them and add the cute factor. This is a no see project and takes about 5minutes!! Enjoy!!

What you need:
paper towel roll
& of course headbands ;)

The first things you do is place your paper towel roll on top of the fabric and cut it to size....make sure you have it wide enough to stuff the ends.

Fold one side about an inch fabric side down (as shown in the picture).

Wrap the fabric all the way around and secure the middle with a pin. I used about four pins for the whole length of the towel.

The last step is to stuff the excess fabric into the paper towel roll and give your headbands a new home!

I had an extra strip of fabric that I folded over and decide to hang the bows and flowers for my hair!!

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