Sunday, July 8, 2012

hole in the wall

So when I was giving my room a makeover there was one little problem with my walls...
My ex boyfriend actually punched a hole in my wall which probably gives you an idea why he is an ex. I never fixed the hole and thought I can just use a picture frame to cover it up. I wanted to paint it with the chalkboard paint too just to add more to the whole chalkboard theme in my room as well!
I got lucky when I went to goodwill and found a chalkboard that was perfect...there was only one problem. It was leopard print with tribal animals in the cut outs. That was definitely not going to go with my black, white, and pink damask bed room.

So I decided to paint over it! It took a few coats of the pink paint to get it solid and I let it dry over night. In the cut outs I decided to use the left over damask scrapbook paper that I had. I think it turned out great and goes very well with my room and you would never know that I re-vamped this chalkboard if I didn't tell you!

The best thing is it covers the hole in my wall!

the hole in my wall
what the chalkboard looked like before
the chalkboard with paint and scrapbook paper :)

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