Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY cover up

I have seen this cover up all over and really every one should make one because it is super easy to do and looks great for a trip to the pool or the beach :)

I bought white jersey knit fabric for another dress I am making and decided to use that. This material is good because it is stretchy and slinky and perfect for the draping effect when you wrap it around.

You can use 1 yard which would cover the length of the dress. I trimmed a few inches because I am really short and I used it to braid the straps for the dress.

The length is 3 ft, 36 inches and width to this particular fabric was 56"

SUPER EASY to measure because all you have to do is wrap the material around you :)

After finishing the edges I attached the braided straps at each corner
Both straps attached
I pinned the bottom of the strap so I could try it on and adjust accordingly

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