Saturday, June 30, 2012

chalkboard paint

I love chalkboard paint and I decided to paint the walls on my closet with it as well as a border around the wall. Once it dries you are ready to start drawing.

The chalkboard paint is especially good for kids rooms, kitchens, or any wall to make a calendar or a to-do list.

Here are a few pictures of my wall :)

friends letting me know they love me :)
sweet message from the boyfriend <3

scrapbook paper

Ever wonder what to do with left over scrapbook paper?

My bedrooms theme is black white and pink damask. I painted the walls and have matching damask everything but I wanted to customize some wall art to go along with my theme.

Here is what I decided to make...

zigzag dress

I fell in love with this zigzag fabric when I found it...It is perfect for this summers coral and turquoise trend. I decided to use it for a maxi dress which is down to the floor but not too good of a pic to show you. I am making a video of me making this dress that I will post once I finish the final touches. I made the top first and put it on my dress form to drape the side of the top and then I attached the skirt with elastic. Let me know what you think of the dress and hopefully you like the video!

Friday, June 29, 2012

finger paint

I have always loved any type of art from drawing to painting but I can't tell you the last time I tried finger painting! I wanted a pop of color for my walls and think it means a lot more that I made it myself instead of buying it from a store because it is personalized by me! I bought this square canvas for $1.99 at goodwill and it came with shapes and letters to decorate but I just needed the canvas...I bought a set of neon paints, black, and glitter (there is always room for sparkle!) to go along with it.

The hands used were my best friend and I so it's kinda like a friendship picture too.
We painted our hands each color and stamped away including a glitter hand. :)

Then with the black paint we outlined the words we wanted and drew the peace sign! Very simple and fun to do!

Not to mention it looks great hanging on my wall!

DIY studs

DIY studded collar <3

sleeveless denim shirt with collar
STUDS!! very easy to pierce fabric with two prongs.
studded collar <3

 I bought these studs from eBay for $3.99 for 100 which I think is a great deal! It did take a while to get them (3-4weeks) because they were shipped internationally but I didn't mind the wait...believe me I kept myself busy with other DIY projects and making my dresses! This DIY is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Give it a shot!
The best thing about DIY studs is you can stud-up anything from shirts to purses and shoes! Get creative! I am going to stud-up a couple more things and I will post them later!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

floral dress

floral dress <3

I found this fabric with flowers and feathers and I thought it would look great with ruffles as a cute little summer dress. I started with a longer ruffle on top and added a shorter ruffle so there are two ruffles on top and then I added the lining underneath the skirt with another ruffle that is gathered. The only thing I need now is a belt.

Please leave a comment!! Let me know what you think!!

#DIY,  #Fashion, #floral, #summer dress

nail art

I am in love with the nail art pen you can do so many designs so easily...
Before I bought the nail art pen I was using a toothpick which works pretty well if you don't want to spend $9 on the pen.

Back to school nails :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

coral dress


This is the first dress I have made during the summer. I started by making a short satin dress and then I draped the chiffon material to floor length, so when the dress is worn it is see-through from the mid thigh down to the floor. I also made the belt out of suede and beads. If you have any questions about how I made this dress or anything else please leave a comment!
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