Friday, December 5, 2014

DIY canvas art

Hello All!

Today I'm going to give you instructions on how to make this piece of art that would look great hanging on any blank wall!

My friend just bought a new house and asked me to paint this picture below for her! She found this picture on Pinterest.

What you'll need:

•Set of four canvas ( I bought a pack at Joann Fabrics on sale for $7.00 )
•Acrylic Paint for base (color of your choice)
•Black paint
•Black paint marker (optional)
•Acrylic paint for the leaves

First thing I did was paint the canvases the base color. My friend that I was making this for chose blue to match her other items in her living room. 
I laid an old towel down to prevent making a mess. 
These are the brushes I used!
After I finished all 4 I let them dry over night.

 The next day I outlined the body of the giraffe with a pencil very lightly.

Before getting ready to outline the second piece I lined the two up together in the position they would be if they were hangin on the wall. This helped me to make sure the lines matched up.

It was easier for me to outline the bottom of the giraffe next.

After the bottom was done I lined up the canvases. I made sure they matched up with the finished outline and made adjustments as needed. 

I used the body of the giraffe again to line up with the canvas for the neck and proceeded with that outline in pencil.

Last to be outlined was the head of the giraffe. I forgot to take a picture of the head outlined in pencil but this is it outlined in black. I drew the leaves on and left it in pencil since I was going to paint them white.

Next I outlined over the pencil in black before filling it in. I bought a black paint marker at Walmart for $1.00 and it worked perfect. You can use a thin paint brush but it will take much longer.

I lined them up in between each outline as they would be hanging on the wall to make sure they were matching up. If yours doesn't match up perfectly don't worry. You can just use the black paint to even it out when you are finished.

This is the finished outline

The marker didn't take too long to dry so I filled it in about an hour later. Again I lined them up in between to make sure they matched up with the additional paint on them. 

This is a close up of the head finished with the white leaves. I used a thin brush for them and some of the head since the giraffes spots are smaller. I had to paint two coats of the white to make it thick enough. 

And then you have your finished product made by you! I love having art in the home that I have made because it is more personal and you can smile everytime you walk by!!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY! Leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions or just to let me know what you think! 

Have a great day!!! 


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Photo Booth Props

So I made a DIY photo booth for a friends engagement party! It was so easy to make the props I thought I would share. 

First I will start with the booth it self. I bought some foam board and cut it too look like a Polaroid picture and just wrote on the bottom "Engagement Party". It was hung from the ceiling and was definitely a blast for everyone to use at the party! 

There are also different ways where you can have a photographer or rent a reel photobooth for your wedding but they can get pricey.

I've also noticed that the props are pricey too if you buy a bundle of them or they go back with the photo booth rental. I made mine and I can reuse them time and time again! 

What you'll need:
-foam paper (found in the craft isle)
-Popsicle sticks
-craft glue

First I had to decide what props I wanted to use. 

I drew on the foam paper mustaches, top hats, lips, glasses, ties, champagne glasses, necklaces and much more. Whatever you want! If you are having trouble deciding or you have a certain theme you would like to meet you can just google ideas.

If you aren't very good at drawing you can print out images to trace onto the foam paper. 

Second I cut the foam pieces out with the scissors and glued them onto the Popsicle sticks! Then you are finished and ready to invite your friends and start taking pictures!! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

DIY Bridal Shower

So a friend of mine is getting married and I am more than happy to add my touch of creativeness to decorate! 

She wanted a wine theme so I thought that burlap, corks, and of course wine bottles would be the perfect touches!

Her new last name begins with an S so we took olds corks and cut them in half to not use as much and to fill in the spaces! The letter was $5 and the corks were saved from before. You can also buy a package of corks at a local party store.

The burlap came in a roll that was $10 and was well enough to last and have extra instead of buying material. It also came in the perfect shape for the banner I planned on making!

I used white acrylic paint and a paint brush for the letters. You can also buy stencils if you do not feel comfortable painting them yourself.

The banner pictures! 

This was a canvas also purchased at michaels that I used a black paint marker to write wishes for the bride and groom!

This small easel chalk board is from Michaels as well and I just wrote a little quote with a chalk market!

The wine bottles were a very nice touch for a case with pretty flowers inside.

I also used the chalk markers to write the different types of cheese on the platters! You can't drink wine without cheese!

The final product! It is not only a good decoration for the bridal party but something she can save for years to come!

The final product of the banner! 

Here are pictures of the final bridal shower outcome!

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