Friday, June 29, 2012

finger paint

I have always loved any type of art from drawing to painting but I can't tell you the last time I tried finger painting! I wanted a pop of color for my walls and think it means a lot more that I made it myself instead of buying it from a store because it is personalized by me! I bought this square canvas for $1.99 at goodwill and it came with shapes and letters to decorate but I just needed the canvas...I bought a set of neon paints, black, and glitter (there is always room for sparkle!) to go along with it.

The hands used were my best friend and I so it's kinda like a friendship picture too.
We painted our hands each color and stamped away including a glitter hand. :)

Then with the black paint we outlined the words we wanted and drew the peace sign! Very simple and fun to do!

Not to mention it looks great hanging on my wall!

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