Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY Pallet garden

I have been seeing a lot of vertical gardens and thought it would be nice to create one myself!

This looks great in my yard and I have started to grow my own vegetables and herbs that I can use for cooking!

I got my pallets from Walmart and Home Depot. They place their unused pallets behind the store. I asked them if I could purchase some and they said they are free. I am not sure if certain stores have different policies or not. I have also heard you can get them at Whole Foods. 

I bought a cheap can of paint and they mixed the color of my choice. I thought teal would be a nice color. didn't get any special paint because they are going to be outside. Any indoor/outdoor paint will be fine. The full gallon cost $15 but I believe for the 3 pallets I could have gotten away with half a gallon. 

In order to create a pocket for the plants I used cardboard and mesh material. Do this before painting. You cut the cardboard in a rectangular shape the size of the space in the pallets. Using the mesh you staple it on the outside on the back and the front. This creates a holder for the plants.

This close up shows the mesh in the front stapled. The cardboard is then placed on top of the mesh in the middle as a base to hold the plants. I did not use the mesh or cardboard on the bottom section and just planted those plants in the ground. 

You need to be sure to buy plants that can be planted in a depth of 3 to 4 inches. Most plants have the depth labels on them.

I painted them after I finished attaching the cardboard and mesh and then plants the plants last. 

I had an old desk that I also painted to sit other plants on top to add to my garden.

Last thing I did was buy little accessories to add pops of color. 

This is a fun project and it turned out beautiful. I hope you enjoy your pallet garden as much as I enjoy mine! 

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